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Integrity, service and superiority

This is the first thing to know about Amra Salt and this is the first thing that our customers know of. ‘We are here to lead’.

Amra Salt is the number one salt manufacturer in Jordan, the pioneer and leading company in its field and one of the best in the Middle East, which comprises three dominant brands of its own; "Amra" , "Salt"  and "JAWAD"

Uniquely manufactured and designed, Amra Salt  uses freshly extracted salt from the Dead Sea as it its main source of raw material, giving it advantage over the others due its healthy content, extreme purity and integrated minerals that boost human health. 

In the aim of serving all purposes and people, which and who require the use of salt in their daily lives, we produce and sell different and multiple types of salt that come with different packed sizes and forms in order to meeting the varied needs of our customers. 

With its roots entrenched in the success of the salt market in Jordan ever since its popularity, Amra Salt  not only offers high quality products but an experienced crew of staff and managers as well, all who make the dreams come true and the impossible possible. 

We are here to lead

At Amra we are continuously growing, learning and striving to maintain our high standards and consistency of high quality products as well as fulfilling the consumers’ needs which is what holds the most importance to us, through the application of our different marketing strategies that are set to serve the bigger objectives which range from consumer satisfaction and society service to increasing market share and remaining as the top, over 30 years of experience in the local and international markets, utilization of the highest technology infrastructure in Jordan, a young energetic team that puts in the work to cover 75% market share of its sector, and a transparent and powerful reporting audited by Nelsen. 

The company has thus experienced a journey of successes and hard work over the years, all which has lead its achievement of receiving an award for being the ‘best food product for consumers’ where it is positioned as ‘a producer of high purity salt reaching up to 99%’, setting it a competitive advantage compared to rivals, and the certificates of iso 9001, and HACCAP.


Amra Salt Factory was established in 1986, located about 25 kilometers to the south of Amman City (the Capital), in ‘Sahab’, (one of the largest industrial complexes in Jordan) and it uses extracted raw salt from the Dead Sea as its main source of production.

Official production and modernization of the factory’s machines took place in 1992, in order to produce salt by “mechanical wash process”, and to raise the production capacity to approximately 50 ton/day of all types of products, including table salt, industrial salt, powder salt, and salt tablets filled in bags of 25 kg and 50 kg. 

In 1998 a new production line was established which operates by the evaporating and re-crystallizing system, and its products were able to meet the best international standards regarding purity and grain size, and were greatly demanded by local and neighbor markets such as Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. 

Greatly demanded by local and neighbor markets such as Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the modernization of the factory affected the company positively leading to the increase of demand of our products within and outside the kingdom, reaching an achievement of the “State Award for the Best Food Product” in 1999, granted by the “Customer Protection Association” and handled his majesty Prince Fasial Ibn AL-Hussein all which helped us thankfully and respectfully become one of the pioneer and leading companies in our field.


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