“SASI” – (launched in 2000) is among the company’s top of three brands alongside Amra, the most commonly used and sold and the one that holds the widest product lines and range.

Amra Salt offers a wide range of products that include pure iodized table salt, industrial salt, natural salt, food spices and Semolina, all that come in varied sizes and packages in order to suiting the needs of our customers.

  • “SASI” Vacuum Salt (Crystallized)
  • “SASI” natural (for cooking and comes in two different packages)
  • “SASI” salt (iodized table salt)
  • “SASI” salt (iodized cooking and table salt)
  • “SASI” salt (for food industries)
  • “SASI” table salt (water treatment)
  • “SASI” flour (whole weat)
  • “SASI” spices
  • “SASI” Semolina


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