In addition to our objectives, strategies, products, cast of labour and reputation, there is another aspect that we as Amra Salt take into consideration and cannot do without sustainability.

Sustainability is another main element of our company which is involved in and within every department of ours, and at every level of employees. From the seniors of the company to the other employees that do lighter chores, sustainability is the reference. 

We do not use, produce or sell any single item if we know that a risk of harm is to be carried with it, to the environment or customers.

Sustainability is another main element of our company

Our CSR work is therefore extremely central and it is inspired by his majesty King Abdullah II's words which explain that the first priority in any work has to always be the security of a better life for all Jordanians, all other humans, and the environment.


Accordingly, and most importantly, and as mentioned previously, high purity of salt reaching up to 99% freshly extracted from one of the most popular sea salt provider.

Dead Sea is used as Amra Salt's main source of raw material due to its health content and extreme purity because we want nothing but the best for the community, in addition to the upgrading of our machinery to PVD (pure vaporized …) due to environmental concerns, operating on a system that decreases emissions and increases efficiency of production reaching to five tons of salt/hour. 

We monitor the day-today activities of each level of labour and department, what goes in and out of the production and distribution processes (from ingredients to materials included in the packaging of the products) and the factory’s own cleanliness to ensure zero harm.


We do not neglect the less fortunate and the citizens of our country our any others whom our hands can reach. 

Amra Salt also actively cooperates with government organizations, local community leaders, charities and NGOs to drive social development across Jordan; for schools, sport clubs, Zaatari camp, orphanages.

We regard contributions to local communities as an important element of our basic strategy, by promotions and even free-give-aways to those in need, and by creating employment opportunities for young people when possible, to work with aspiration. 

As a company that progresses hand-in-hand with local communities, we are uniquely and hopefully positioned to offer solutions to regional issues.


The advanced capabilities and loyalty of our employees have always been a major pillar of Amra’s success. 

To sustain the safety of our helpers, as well as performance quality, Amra provides the ultimate safety and protection for workers, physically, psychologically and financially. 

We do not allow any work to take place unless the precautionary measures are taken; from safety glasses and face protectors, to specific uniforms and gloves. Amra shows its care for its employees by providing a healthy, positive and bright environment that allows room for endless creativity and success, support and recognition for employees and comfort, and encouragement through rewards and financial increases. 

Amra also invests in the ongoing development of its employees through a range of training programs and activities that include internships, training courses, and workshops.


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